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Specialists dealing solely in: Rape and all Sexual Offences cases. From Arrest, to Charge, to Criminal Trial, to Criminal Appeals, we have the expertise to assist you. We are able to offer you free initial advice by phone, e-mail or a “Free of Charge” face to face, one (1) hour consultation if required at either our Central London Office facility or at our Cardiff Office facility, strictly by appointment only.

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"False allegations of rape are an insult to the victims of this horrendous crime and contribute to the disgracefully low conviction rates. Those who make false allegations maliciously should expect to be dealt with in the strongest possible manner. Prison is "inevitable" for those who falsely cry rape”.

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The presumption of innocence until proven guilty is a cornerstone of our legal system – a fundamental right of the accused in any criminal trial. “The current Criminal Justice system and legal aid are in disarray, the system has moved from providing a quality service to an adequate service” Legal Services Commission”. If you are the subject of an investigation relating to a sexual offence, falselyaccused.co.uk provides a robust and equitable system of investigation into false allegations.

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Direct Access is now an acceptable means due to recent changes in UK law whereby in particular circumstances you can now instruct a Barrister or Queens Counsel (if they have the qualifications to undertake Direct Access) without the need to go through a solicitor. When appealing a conviction we take the view that direct access is the right way forward as you may not need the services of a solicitor.

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We have an approved list of experienced solicitors and barristers in this very specialist area who are expert in casting doubt as to the reliability of ‘alleged victims’ while at the same time not losing the sympathy of a jury by clumsy or heavy handed cross examination.

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In every case involving a sexual allegation we will ensure that all the evidence is gone through and your full instructions taken, we will obtain relevant defence witness statements including character statements and the solicitors we work with will always obtain details from the Crown Prosecution Service as to whether the ‘alleged victim’ has made any similar false allegations in the past and whether he or she has any record of lying or dishonesty.

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Allegations of sexual assault and rape very often come down to one person’s word against another and require painstaking preparation and careful and skilled advocacy and cross examination in court. Our specialist team is extremely experienced in this area and will leave no stone unturned in preparing your defence and do everything possible to ensure that you are not the victim of a false allegation or a miscarriage of justice.

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There are few things more distressing than being falsely accused of a sexual offence. The consequences if the allegation is proved can be catastrophic, including the break up of the family, being placed on the Sex Offenders Register for life, losing your job and reputation and potentially a lengthy sentence in prison. Allegations of a sexual nature are very easy to make but can be difficult to disprove. They can be made for a variety of reasons, for example, due to the accuser later regretting a particular sexual encounter or because they wrongly believe they have been sexually assaulted following some form of counseling for an unrelated matter.

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Falselyaccused.co.uk is repeatedly asked to assist clients who have already at sometime, during the course of an investigation (or before charge) or Court proceedings instructed solicitors. We are used to dealing with such enquiries and advising as to the transfer of a case from a previous solicitors to specialist solicitors. It is important to those who are the subject of an investigation or prosecution, that they are confident in the defence team that they instruct and that they consider those that act for them are doing everything they possibly can to assist.

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We offer a “Free” one-hour (no strings attached) consultation when you attend either our Central London or Cardiff Office facilities (strictly by appointment only).

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False sexual accusations destroy lives on a very deep level. Don’t take any chances, get a specialist defence team. We are “a nationwide service advising how to achieve justice at trial and a criminal appeal against conviction and sentence”.

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Have your lawyers told you there’s nothing more they can do? Are you dissatisfied with what they have done? Do you want another opinion? We aim to provide a robust and equitable system of investigation into false allegations of a sexual nature. We undertake strenuous efforts on your defence prior to a trial to make sure you are correctly defended before it’s to late. Our experience over the years is focused on attention to detail and persuasive and fearless investigative work for the falsely accused and wrongly convicted.

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Falselyaccused.co.uk is the only firm in England and Wales dealing solely in false allegations and wrongful convictions of its type and in six years, has become the most proven successful firm of specialist experts in this area of law.

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Our cases have appeared in the national media such as The Times, Daily Mail, Evening Standard and Readers Digest and we have been a regular contributor to television and radio programs such as Sky News, GMTV, BBC Radio, BBC Breakfast, Talk Sport, Radio Five Live, Asian Network, and the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2, we also consulted on the BBC Documentary "I Never Said Yes".

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We have already helped 203 innocent individuals who have been accused of a false allegation, whether it was going to a criminal trial or a criminal appeal. These are individuals who had been accused of an offence that they didn’t commit, whether it was for being falsely accused of Rape or any other Sexual Offence.

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Over the past six years we have increasingly dealt with numerous false allegations and wrongful conviction charges. Our team have unrivaled experience in all aspects of investigation relating to these cases and we can proudly state we have an extremely high success rate with a proven traceable track record defending these highly complex and serious charges. Simply visit our Testimonials page.

Welcome to falselyaccused.co.uk

falselyaccused.co.uk is a fiercely independent specialist expert firm dealing solely in false allegations and wrongful convictions for serious criminal offences concerning Rape and all other Sexual Offences. Founded on the principles of treating its Clients fairly, we are committed to always putting Clients at the forefront of every decision, and our integrity is to provide the minimum inconvenience to those Clients when those Clients are truly innocent.

We are able to offer you free initial advice, either over the phone, via e-mail or a “Free of Charge” face to face, one (1) hour consultation if required at either our Central London Office facility or at our Cardiff Office facility, strictly by appointment only. Please contact us via the Contact Us page. You can also contact us via e-mail: info@falselyaccused.co.uk, call our mobile or text message (07729 051 468) or by telephoning the number 0845 528 1130.

We are not a support or voluntary organisation. Our team have unparalleled, unrivalled, traceable experience in all aspects of investigation relating to these complex cases and in the last six years, falselyaccused.co.uk has become the most proven successful firm (see Testimonials page) of specialists experts within its area with an extremely high achievement rate with optimum results providing a nationwide premium service in one of the most complex, misunderstood and anxiety-provoking areas of criminal law.

We are here to assist in individual cases for people who really want our help and input and who face or who have been convicted of a false allegation of any type of sexual criminal offence whether it is before going to a criminal trial or to the criminal appeal courts. While this site provides lots of information and advice online, and information that you can download free of charge, until we are formally instructed to take on a client’s case we cannot give comments or opinions about individual cases however we will point you in the right direction.

Specialising only in cases involving false allegations or wrongful convictions of Rape or any other Sexual Offence, we help individuals who really are innocent and want our input and who are being falsely accused or have suffered a wrongful conviction or a miscarriage of justice. There is no single individual who will have spent more time with all parties or have a better overall knowledge of the defence than us. We only undertake criminal defence work in defending these highly complex and serious charges.

falselyaccused.co.uk are not trying to raise awareness of false allegations, wrongful convictions or miscarriage of justice cases as a whole, we believe that there are far to many support and voluntary organisations and other agencies out there treading on each others toe’s. Please see “What we are” page.

If you or a loved one has been falsely accused or wrongly convicted of a Sexual Offence then the information contained within this website and further information we supply based on your matter will not benefit anyone fortunate enough to have obtained quality and caring legal representation and, for all practical purposes, even reading our literature would be a waste of time (which would take about an hour out of the readers life).

If you are one of the rare individuals who has a real defence and a competent and caring solicitor and or barrister you may want to refer them to several pages within this website and further information we supply that could well assist them. When selecting anyone to represent you, it is always a matter of Caveat Emptor (let the buyer beware).

Unfortunately when on legal aid the accused does not get a choice of who represents them and that person may not have the expertise required. The individual selected will, for all practical purposes, have the accused entire life and future in the palm of their hands. The question becomes, “What will they do with it? “We offer mainly a privately funded service although we may be able to offer a very limited service on legal aid cases (although with severe restrictions –please ask us for further information). Please kindly be advised that we are unfortunately, unable to accept any pro bono work (without charge).

Please understand that our role is in the capacity of a trial and appeal consultants, criminal defense strategists and criminal defence investigators and not that of a private investigator. There is nothing “Private” about what we do. There are no private investigators in the UK who specialise solely in dealing with false allegations and wrongful convictions for all Sexual Offences with a proven track record like ours, and those who say they do are usually former prosecution workers.

falselyaccused.co.uk would also like to make something very clear, we are not a solicitors or barristers and nothing here should be taken or considered as legal advise nor should anyone believe that we are trained, authorised or licensed to work or practice as a solicitor or barrister.

Our aim is to give you sound direct help and put you in contact with the right legal advisors, experienced Solicitors and Barristers and experts quickly so you can begin to receive quality legal advice without delay. Our advisors, experts and investigators have many years of proven experience in dealing with false accusations and wrongful convictions in Sexual Offence matters.

falselyaccused.co.uk experience in investigating, preparing a defence strategy and consulting on false allegation cases and by assisting in the reversing a wrongful conviction for the falsely accused is renowned to which we have a formidable traceable track record. Having successfully represented many of the most notable criminal defence cases to have hit the headlines in recent years of which we provide a portfolio of those testimonials. Some of our many testimonials are available to view within this website and further ones are available upon request. Please also visit “Our History” page.

We are not here to reassure anyone that we can predict the future, we can’t, however we believe that our commitment to the falsely accused and wrongly convicted is demonstrated every day through our promise to go above and beyond our legal obligations, our team offers only three guarantees, absolute discretion, the highest possible professional standards giving 110% to our clients, and by operating our own business in a sustainable manner by helping and advising our clients once instructed.

Our service is only available to people who are facing or defending a false allegation or wrongful conviction case in England and Wales. We offer London and Cardiff office facilities or Home Visits (Fee’s apply for Home Visits). We also strongly believe we are perfectly placed to be the partner of choice as we are a specialist firm providing a nationwide premium service.

This website, and other literature we supply may determine if falselyaccused.co.uk are right people to assist you with your matter.

We appreciate very much the fact that you have visited and looked at our website.

Stephen Cooper
(If you wish, you can talk to Stephen directly on 07729 051 468).

False sexual accusations destroy lives on a very deep level. If you have been falsely accused, don’t take any chances, get a specialist defence team!!

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